• Ogawa Coffee Specialty Coffee Blend 011 170g - YoYoMoNo
  • Ogawa Coffee Specialty Coffee Blend 011 170g - YoYoMoNo
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Ogawa Coffee Specialty Coffee Blend 011 170g

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Ogawa Coffee was founded in 1952. It was trained in the harsh taste tradition of Kyoto, and gained support from people who love coffee. Please enjoy the polished taste and fragrance from a craftsman temperament not to compromise. Since its foundation in 1952, OGAWA COFFEE has grown up in the strict culinary culture of Kyoto with the spirit of coffee artisans. Please enjoy Ogawa coffee's accomplished taste and flavor.
«Ogawa Coffee Specialty Coffee» The coffee craftsmen were particular about taste making in all processes from coffee cultivation, selection of raw beans, roasting, blending and packaging. The carefully raised coffee beans have a unique flavor for each region. Utilizing its personality, It is a blended coffee featuring aromatic fragrance like Brazilian nuts and gentle sweetness. It added Costa Rica's clear bitterness and a refreshing acidity of El Salvador, and finished it well. Origin of blend 002: It is named from country code 002 of Brazilian ICO affiliated producer country used for blend base. ※ ICO · · · International Coffee Organization.

● After Mix Production Method: In order to bring out the characteristics of the taste to the maximum, after roasting according to the condition of each coffee bean, it is blended.
«Packing with special valve» Special valve on the front of the package releases gas, prevents intrusion of outside air, keeps the flavor of coffee. Although bags may expand or contract due to gas and temperature generated from coffee, there is no problem in quality.

Content volume: 170g


  • Ingredients:
  • Coffee beans (Guatemala, Brazil etc.)
  • Product size (height x depth x width): 18 cm x 6 cm x 9 cm
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