• Hon-Dashi Bonito Stock 60g
  • Hon-Dashi Bonito Stock 60g
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Hon-Dashi Bonito Stock 60g

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Made with dried bonito of the highest quality, it delivers unparalled taste. This give your dishes an incredible depth, richness! Can be used in a variety of cuisines from Japanese to American, such as salad dressings. 

Facts label (per 1 cup of miso juice (1g)) Energy: 2.4kcal, Protein: 0.27g, Lipids: 0-0.01g, Carbohydrates: 0.30g, Salt equivalent: 0.40g, Potassium: 2.0mg, Phosphorus: 2.6mg , Iodine: 0 mg

Raw material 
Salt (domestic production), sugars (sugar, lactose), flavor ingredients (bonito powder, bonito extract), yeast extract, yeast extract fermented seasoning / seasoning (amino acids, etc.)

Origin of main raw materials
* Katsuobushi powder (Japan), * Katsuobushi extract (Japan) * The bonito catch area is the Midwest Pacific Ocean or the Indian Ocean, and the bonito processing areas are Shizuoka and Kagoshima prefectures.


How to cook
We recommend that you add the ingredients to water or hot water at the same time.

Vegetables such as radish and potatoes that are difficult to cook for root vegetables are boiled in water. In that case, add "Hon-Dashi ®" to the water, add the vegetables and boil, and the soup stock will soak into the inside.

For leafy vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, etc. that can be cooked quickly, you can enjoy the scent of dashi stock by adding "Hon-Dashi ®" to boiling water and boiling it.

If you add "Hon-Dashi ®" to boiling water, it may boil over, so please add it while carefully stirring the heat.

Also, if you want to enjoy the scent of dried bonito such as soup, add a pinch just before turning off the heat to finish it, and you can enjoy the fragrant soup.


味の素 ほんだし 60g

エネルギー:2.4kcal、たんぱく質:0.27g、脂質:0~0.01g、炭水化物:0.30g、食塩相当量:0.40g, カリウム:2.0mg、リン:2.6mg、ヨウ素:0mg


かつおぶし粉末(日本)、※かつおエキス(日本) かつお漁獲水域は中西部太平洋またはインド洋、かつお加工地は静岡県、鹿児島県です。

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