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Table Top Iron Casting Grill Pan

Iron Casting Grill Pan set uses solid fuel to make you feel like an innn at home.The heat retention properties unique to iron castings will last for a long time.Comes with a removable cup so you can enjoy tucked up and more.The far-infrared effect of cast materials brings out the flavor of the food.Iron casting, durable and long lasting.The square...

Zojirushi Electric Pots Cleaner 4 packets

Zojirushi Electric Pots Cleaner 4 packets CD-K03EJU  Cleaning with "Pikapoto®" is recommended once every 1 to 3 months. If you put it in a pot and wash it, you can clean the odor and water rash cleanly. (In fact, please dissolve "Pikapoto ®" with cup etc. Please use it.) Citric acid (100%) is used as food additives, but please do not eat it...