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Siroca Cooking Kettle SK-M251

    Product features It's very easy to make and clean up quickly. If you have one Oryori kettle, you can quickly cook dishes just like a kettle. ■ The kettle can be washed completely, and the  "Oryori Kettle Choinabe" has a completely independent heater and kettle, and the kettle can be washed completely. It is ideal for cooking because it is...

Iris Ohyama IBM-020-B Home Bakery

A home bakery that makes it easy to make everything from freshly baked bread to jam. Start your day deliciously and enjoyably. Easy to enjoy a wide variety of menus with this one You can easily make not only bread but also pizza dough, noodles, jams and rice cakes from the 19 selectable menus at home. 19 menus to choose...

Panasonic IH Cooker "Rice & Cooker" 2-in-1-in-1, 5.5 Cups SR-UNX101

"My spec" rice cooker that you can customize to your own specifications with the kitchen pocket app * 1 This is one for both rice cooking and cooking. IoT compatible "Rice & Cooker" "Odori-cooking (large heat Power Induction IH)" for plump and delicious rice. The kitchen pocket app * 1 makes it delicious, fun, and convenient. AccessoriesRice scoop, rice scoop holder, measuring cup Product number...

Zojirushi Microcomputer Rice Cooker NL-BB05-AM 3 Cups

Convenient, save money, save time! Zojirushi Pressure IH is an automatic cooking pressure IH pan with a "Reservation Cooking" function that helps easily cook just to put all ingredients and seasoning. You just need to push the button and it will cook properly for you. “Reservation cooking” that can be set from the morning and it keeps warming at eating temperature...

Ogawa Blue Mountain Blend Drip Coffee 5 cups

Ogawa Coffee As an ancestral city for the people of Japan, Kyoto, with its 1200-year history, has forever been a city of innovation, history and culture. Each one layered upon the other, actualizing a world class culture, where tradition and entrepreneurial spirit breathe. It was here that Ogawa Coffee first began to make coffee in 1952 (26th year of the...

Pokka Sapporo Rich Clam Chowder

Pokka Sapporo Kotokoto Soup is a slightly luxurious soup that with a rich and delicious taste. The rich clam chowder is a full-fledged clam chowder inspired by the authentic New England clam chowder. A large crumb with a firm texture and a rich potage with a creamy texture are entwined to create a luxurious taste. A tasty soup that uses plenty of vegetables...

Nissin Itohkyuemon Uji Cha Soba 200g

  Nissin Itohkyuemon Uji ChaSoba This tea soba is made from Uji matcha from the famous Kyoto store "Ito Kyuemon" and has a crisp texture and a rich matcha flavor. "Ito Kyuemon" is a teahouse that has been carefully finished with a focus on quality and continues to convey the beautiful colors, rich aromas, and tastes unique to Uji tea....

Nisshin carbohydrate Okonomiyaki Mix 50% less

Nisshin favorite baked powder of 50% sun carrot* for caring for sugar intake . It combine wheat flour made by our proprietary technology and incorporate dietary fiber. You can enjoy "deliciousness" and "saccharide off", and enjoy a rich flavor of bonito and kelp with a soft light texture. * "Japan Food Standard Ingredient Table 2015 Premix powder for okonomiyaki" ratio capacity 180 g Individual packaging size 230 × 160...

Kikkoman Hon Tsuyu Soup Base Koidashi 500ml

Kikkoman's concentrated hontsuyu soup base. Made using bonito, sardine, and soda bonito fish flakes, this 4x concentrated, all-purpose tsuyu has a particularly potent umami flavour. Better still, this tsuyu comes in an easy-to-use squeezy bottle, so you will always use just the right amount. Use this tsuyu as a base for Japanese soups, stews, and stir fries.      Ingredients:...

Kewpie Corn & Mayo Bread Spread 150g

A mayonnaise-flavored spread that takes advantage of the sweetness and texture of corn. Simply apply it to bread and bake it to your liking, and you can easily make corn mayo toast or sprinkling it on boiled potatoes or broccoli.   Ingredients: vegetable fats and oils, corn, brewed vinegar, chicken eggs, sugar, liquid smoke sugar, salt, meat bacon, yeast extract powder, millpois paste,...

Higashimaru Shoyu Tamagoyaki Seasoning Mixing

Higashimaru Shoyu has been making soy sauce for over 400 years since the Tensho era. Their light soy sauce is developed to make the best use of the characteristics of the ingredients, and the dark soy sauce is a gentle one with no habit. You can enjoy the taste of yuno. In addition, Shoyu Tamagoyaki  (卵焼き) mixing is a seasoning that makes it easy...

Kurakon Salt Konbu Large 60g

Made from 100% Hokkaido kelp, it is carefully cooked in a kettle with this brewed soy sauce. Calcium is about 2.2 times that of milk and dietary fiber is about 2.9 times that of burdock, so it is a good product for your body.It can be placed on rice and used as a versatile seasoning for various menus such as rice...