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IRIS Ohyama Compact Hot Plate PHP-1002TC

Iris Ohyama Compact Hot Plate with Temperature Control PHP-1002TC Power supply: AC100V (50 / 60Hz shared) Rated power consumption: 1000W Temperature control range: Insulation ~ 250 ℃ Power cord length: Approximately 1.8m Product size (cm): When the takoyaki plate is attached: Width approx. 32.5 x Depth approx. 24.3 x Height approx. 8.9 When the deep pot plate is attached: Width approx....

Zojirushi Nut Grinder CB-BA10-WA

Zojirushi Dry-cell battery-powered and easy-to-use "Gorushiki". Sesame, which is a nutritious food, can break the hard skin and absorb nutrients effectively. In addition, freshly ground sesame has a good aroma and can be used in various dishes. For the new product, we focused on improving convenience so that you can easily enjoy freshly ground sesame seeds at home. The container and upper...

Zojirushi Electric Pots Cleaner 4 packets

Zojirushi Electric Pots Cleaner 4 packets CD-K03EJU  Cleaning with "Pikapoto®" is recommended once every 1 to 3 months. If you put it in a pot and wash it, you can clean the odor and water rash cleanly. (In fact, please dissolve "Pikapoto ®" with cup etc. Please use it.) Citric acid (100%) is used as food additives, but please do not eat it...

Tiger Stainless Steel Water Bottle Cleaning Powder

Tea bran dirt falls, there is also a sterilizing effect ● TIGER stainless steel bottle cleaning agent. In addition to the stainless steel bottle, it can also be used for washing the coffee maker server inner container / mahubot inner container.● Put warm water (about 40℃ or less) into a bottle inside a stainless steel bottle● During washing, leave the...

Febreze Deodorizing Spray for Cloth Fragrance-free 370 ml

Breaks down deodorizing ions. Corn derived from deodorizing ingredients trap and trap unpleasant odors.In addition, the neutralizing deodorizing ingredients that break down the odor and polymer deodorizing ingredients that deodorate body odors and long lasting oil-like odors can be removed cleanly. Deodorizing ingredients derived from corn so it can be used in homes with children A product that cannot be...

Kobayashi Glasses Wipes

Clearwipe is a specially formulated lens cleaner that easily lifts grease and dust without leaving scratches. Each handy and individually packaged. Clearwipe is infused with a cleaning solution that dries instantly, leaving no streaks. Clearwipe is great for getting grease and dust off of your glasses, but it also works great on many other products as well. Keep these portable...

Skin Vape insect repellent spray 200ml

$14.85 $16.25
Skin Vape Mosquito Repellent is one of the best product for mosquito repellent in Japan. Descriptions: Water-based and gentle on your skin so your entire family can use it. Repellent effect lasts for a long time. Guarantees protection against ixodid ticks! ● Guaranteed protection against ixodid ticks! ● Repellent effect lasts for a long time! This product contains 10% active ingredient...

Shiseido Outdoor Screen (Natural Insect repellent) 50ml

Product features The scent of natural essential oil guards against insects! Contains natural essential oils that worms hate (eucalyptus oil, geranium oil, peppermint oil). In addition, since it also contains a scent-maintaining ingredient, the fresh scent of natural essential oils and the effect of keeping insects away will continue. Designed with natural ingredients in mind • Without Deet • Natural hot spring water • Rosemary leaf oil • Sugar cane-derived...

New Skin Vapor Premium Mist Insect Repellent Spray - 2.0 oz. (60ml)

Descriptions: • The insect repellent effect lasts for 6 to 8 hours! By increasing the concentration of the active ingredient <Icaridin*> to 15%, the insect repellent effect will last longer. *Chemical name: 1-(1-methylpropoxycarbonyl)-2-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperidine *Icaridine is sometimes called picaridine. The registered name in Japan is Icarizin. • Can be used by babies to adults! There are no restrictions for children. It is...

Lion Super Nanox Premium Formula Laundry Detergent

First ever ultra-compact detergent for odors born from deodorant science ! All odor deodorant cleaning (* 1) Gives up odors in all directions Deodorant & deodorant ○ Original cleaning ingredient MEE and nano deodorant enzyme make odor stains nano level Decomposition / removal○ Premium antibacterial (* 2) prescription for 48 hours. Suppresses the growth of various bacteria that cause odors (gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria)○ The...

Pigeon Baby Laundry Detergent Refill 720ml

It is a refill of "Pure", a washing detergent that can be used by 0-month-old babies. A plant-based cleaning ingredient that cleans poop and milk stains. Conducted Pigeon Corporation standard safety tests (detergent residue test on clothes, skin irritation test, allergy test). Additive-free (no coloring, no fragrance, no bleach, no phosphorus, no fluorescent agent). No need to worry about detergent...

ARIEL Washing Machine Cleaner

  Strong removal of mold and bifurc with active oxygen power  The deodorizing effect is improved, strong removal of fungus · bifidus in the invisible washing tank. Fungal spore removal rate with active oxygen power 99.9% (*). * Test with stainless steel plate.   Ingredients · Ingredients Surfactant (sodium 10% linear alkylbenzenesulfonate, sodium alkanoyloxybenzenesulfonate), bleaching agent (percarbonate), alkaline agent (carbonate), process agent...