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Iris Ohyama

Iris Ohyama Futon Cleaner IC-FAC3

Refrigerator type futon cleaner that finds dirt in the futon and cleanses on the turret sensor tower High-speed vibration about 6,500 times per minute Equipped with a high-sensitivity mite dust sensor. There is a lot of house dust, there is little, and you can see beautiful Clean dust pack that can be washed with water if it gets dirty A futon...

Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP

The idea of ​​sending heat intensively to a damp place The main cause of moistening the futon is sweating at bedtime. It is said that you sweat about 200cc overnight, which is equivalent to one glass. Then, germs and mites gather in this humidity, which worsens the futon environment. So, is the whole futon evenly moist? The answer is "NO". It is especially important to...

Iris Ohyama Rice Milling Machine RCI-A5-B

  Iris Ohyama Rice Milling Machine ■ It is easier to use than the conventional product (RCI-A5-B)!While improving the customer's dissatisfaction, the deliciousness remains the same, making it more convenient. 5 cups continuous rice milling is possible improving the specifications of the motor, reviewing the structure, and increasing the volume of the bran box, continuous rice milling is possible. Increased...

IRIS Ohyama Compact Hot Plate PHP-1002TC

Iris Ohyama Compact Hot Plate with Temperature Control PHP-1002TC Power supply: AC100V (50 / 60Hz shared) Rated power consumption: 1000W Temperature control range: Insulation ~ 250 ℃ Power cord length: Approximately 1.8m Product size (cm): When the takoyaki plate is attached: Width approx. 32.5 x Depth approx. 24.3 x Height approx. 8.9 When the deep pot plate is attached: Width approx....

Iris Ohyama, Cordless Futon Cleaner, IC-FDC1

Refrigerator type futon cleaner that finds dirt in the futon and cleanses on the turret sensor tower ◆ "Danichi sensor" tower sensor color of the lamp, there are many house dust (red) · less (yellow) · beautiful (Green) is displayed for easy viewing. Ultra suction cyclone head adoption Intensive suction by generating a cyclone air current in the head. Because...

Iris Ohyama IBM-020-B Home Bakery

A home bakery that makes it easy to make everything from freshly baked bread to jam. Start your day deliciously and enjoyably. Easy to enjoy a wide variety of menus with this one You can easily make not only bread but also pizza dough, noodles, jams and rice cakes from the 19 selectable menus at home. 19 menus to choose...