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Marie Rough Lipstick - Specialty products from Japan

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Available in 4 different color options: R1 Purple: Rose red R2 Green: Orange R3 Pink: Baby Pink R4 Brown: Pearl Red   * Made in Japan. * Magical shade-shifting lipstick. * Long lasting. * Fragrance free. * Won’t come off! * Fun! * Good for water activities. * The color of lipstick varies depending on individual skin pH. *If you live in Hong...

CS CO-LAGEN 「A」Undiluted Liquid 30ml

CS CO-LAGEN 「A」Undiluted Liquid 30ml Dry skin susceptible to UV damage and become loose and crepe, so that aging skin. Collagen is the main element that keeps the moisture and force of the subcutaneous tissue. Our pure high concentration of collagen can protect the damaged skin,  rejuvenating the skin, enhance the skin to keep the water, keep the skin elasticity...

VIVI Crayon stick - Handy Hair Dyeing Helper

Have an ad hoc event to attend? Have an unexpected special dating? VIVI Crayon is a good handy stick to help! Fashionable design, excellent quality! Perfect for gray or white hair in eyebrows, hairline, men's mustache and beard, sideburns and whiskers here and there sporadically. VIVI Crayon is a stick for partial hair dyeing. You can target only on gray...

CS Cosmetics Hi-aluron『C』undiluted Liquid 30ml 

Hyaluronic acid solution is the skin moisturizing magician! The composition of this product is pure water and undiluted hyaluronic acid only, it’s high purity and concentration highlights the effectiveness!If the skin lacks hyaluronic acid, the skin will be dry due to lack of water. If only with general moisturizing, skin condition will be more deterioration. This may result skin facing...

CS Bellague Essence Gold + Pure Gold Leaf Formulation Cosmetic Essence

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Make your skin firm, zero pores, soft and shiny with unexpected effect! This essence is a mixture of water-soluble pure collagen and the pure gold leaf of the new skin beauty skin care product. It combines the skin bottom activation formula and advanced technology for the skin elasticity, texture, pores and other signs of aging. It helps to reduce the...