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Skin Lab Gokujun Hyaluronic Face Cleansing Foam

"Skin Laboratory Polar Bear Face Washing Series" is a super hyaluronic acid (moisture ingredient <acetyl hyaluronate Na>) that can hold about twice as much moisture as hyaluronic acid known for its high water holding capacity, and even after shedding in water Skin adsorption type hyaluronic acid which remains adsorbed to the skin (moist component <hyaluronic acid hydroxypropyltrimonium>), blending petrolatum with...

Skin Lab GOKUJUN Hyaluronic Hydrating Milk 140ml

For a plump and springy skin It contains Hyaluronic Acid (moisturizing component) Besides super hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient), the product contains nanonized hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient). Get a plump, and remarkably elastic skin. Prescribed to focus on 3 types of hyaluronic acids Turns your skin plump and elastic by providing rich moisturization as soon as you apply it. Slightly acidic, just like healthy skin Made to...

PIP ELEKIBAN Magneto-thrapeutic device 130 - 48 capsules

Magneto-thrapeutic device • Using standard magnetic flux density which relieves muscle stiffness • Using adhesive patch with good flexibility and moisture-penetrability. Gentle to the  skin. • Odorless • Skin-colored, small, and inconspicuous. • It can be worn while bathing or showering. • The permanent magnet continues to work as long as it is worn. • Magnetic flux density 130mT  ...

DHC Double Moisture Mask 20 mL x 4 pieces

Product introduction Combination of two hyaluronic acids at high concentration Components smoothly spread by the adhesion effect of the 'luxurious mask' It delivers condensed moisture to the depths of the stratum corneum. Ingredients Water, BG, glycerin, ethanol, glycosyl trehalose, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, acetyl glucosamine, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, carbomer, xanthan gum, polysorbate 80, sodium hydroxide, phenoxyethanol

DHC Double Moisture Series mini travel set

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This is a skin care trial set of double moisture series which containing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Contents: Deep Cleansing Oil 20ml x 1 Mild Soap 10g x 1 Double Moisture Lotion 30ml x 1 Double Moisture Cream 10g x 1 Deep Cleansing Oil: help to remove the dirt from the back of...

DHC Lip Gel

A gel-like essence that can be used whenever you are concerned about the condition of your lips. Olive virgin oil with excellent moisturizing and protective action, including squalane and palm oil ingredients from plants.Plus a collagen, a placenta with a moisturizing effect, a vitamin C derivative for adjusting the condition of the lips, and a vitamin E ingredient.Gently treat it...

DHC Pimple Spot DHCピンプルスナップ

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Clogging of sebum and pores, suppression of proliferation of bacteria, helps to prevent deterioration. DHC pimple spot cream made with Aloe Vera, Sega, Lemon and various plant extract.No fragrance or artificcolorings.It has restrain, anti-bacterial and healing function, help to soothe, heal and cure your pimples quickly.   How to use:Apply the cream on pimples until absorbed.Can use before or after...

Point Magic PRO Pore Cover

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To make your skin look more smooth and poreless !  ■ Why your skin pores look more prominent... Because makeup base sink down into enlarged skin pores and that makes makeup base conspicuous partially.  ■ The coverage lasts for long. This product fits to various shape of pores and cover pores as soon as you apply. Three-dimensipnal gel keeps your skin smooth even after...

Matomage Hair Stick Super Hold

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Matomage Hair Stick recommend for  Hard, thickness of hair Spread and want to suppress stiffness To a tight arrangement For sports and event use Easy without dirty hands! Because it is a stick type, I just apply it with one hand. You can feel free to use anytime anywhere! Keep it firm without breaking up! Use a plant-derived wax with a soft,...

W Whitening Eye Cream

Eye cosmetic solution approaching Houley 's line W Aging Care for anti-wrinkle / anti-spot measures. Medicated whitening ingredient Placenta penetrates deep into your skin, suppresses the formation of melanin and makes it a skin full of transparency with no spots or dullness. Components such as collagen · barley extract approach approach to the eyes to which fine wrinkle is concerned · Holey...

AHA Cleansing Research Body Clear Soap - Cleansing Scrub Green Tea (400 mL)

Product Description  AHA Cleansing Research Body Clear Soap Product details of horny clearanc】● A long-awaited body soap has joined the familiar cleansing research with skin renewal. ● Momoko foam will care for the horny body of the body and drop the roughness of the back and lower arms and wash it on the vine suvebody. ● Clear, to those who wish to...

AHA Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing b 120 g

Product Description "Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing b 120 g" is a tough and gentle facial cleansing form. It contains papain enzyme, kiwi extract, scrub and apple acid. Designed to massage and support your skin and digs out dirt from pores, brightening up the color of your skin. It helps to prevent darkening, spots, acnes and dirt in pores.  How to use ● When you...