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Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto PREMIUM Snow Crab Tomato Sauce 140 g

The rich umami of crab and the sweetness of ripe tomato pulp and cream of rich cream overlap.

Blue Grotto Pasta Source - Porcini Cream 140 g

Ingredients: king oyster mushroom, shoulder bacon, shortening, starch, salt, porcini paste, sugar, skim milk powder, porcini extract, saute mushroom sauce, garlic, cream, brandy, cheese, mushroom extract, hydrolyzed protein, butter, spices, Processed starch, seasoning (amino acid etc.), casein Na, caramel coloring matter, thickening polysaccharide, phytic acid, phosphate (Na), fragrance, coloring agent (sodium nitrite), (part of the raw wheat, soybean , Pork,...

Blue Grotto The umami of the clam spreads Vongole Bianco 120g

You can enjoy the rich deliciousness that the extra virgin olive oil and the scent of white wine overlap with the umami full flavor. Fried garlic with Italian parsley. Ingredients: clams, vegetables (tomato, onions, garlic), tomato paste, vegetable oils and fats, white wine, salt, broad, clam extract, flavor oil, fish extracts, spices, processed starch, condiments (amino acids etc.) Some of the...

Blue Grotto Premium Aged Bacon Carbonara 134g

Continually sticking, genuine taste. A Blue Grotto Premium series has appeared. Mature bacon's rich flavor, and Carbonara sauce added with fresh cream, Parmesan cheese, egg yolk. Mascarpone cheese sauce spreading mellow flavor is a double source of commitment. Base sauce that is familiar to pasta and double sauce of paste sauce that complement incense. By mixing them just before eating, the taste and aroma of the ingredients...

Blue Grotto Pasta Source - Carbonara 140 g

Ingredients : shoulder bacon, shortening, cheese, sugar, egg yolk, starch, fresh cream, salt, skim milk powder, spices, processed starch, seasoning (amino acids etc.), casein Na, phosphate (Na, K), phytic acid, Stabilizer (xanthan gum), gardenia pigment, color former (Na nitrite), Anato dye

Blue Grotto Pasta Source - Bolognese 140 g

Ingredients: meat (beef, pork), tomato paste, vegetables (onion, carrots, garlic), flavor oil, salt, roast garlic, sugar, wine, broad, vegetable fat, beef extract, spices, yeast extract, yeast extract powder

Blue Grotto Pasta Sauce - Genovese 56g

Full of Basil aroma, rich taste of cheese. Ingredients: Foods mainly made from vegetable fats and oils, powder syrup, garlic, salt, basil etc., flavor oil, sugar, potato powder, cheese, pine nuts paste, spices, condiments, gardenia pigment, Thickening agent (xanthan gum), safflower allergen Specific raw materials, etc. Product size (height x depth x width): 170 mm x 130 mm x 10...