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Iris Ohyama, Cordless Futon Cleaner, IC-FDC1

Refrigerator type futon cleaner that finds dirt in the futon and cleanses on the turret sensor tower ◆ "Danichi sensor" tower sensor color of the lamp, there are many house dust (red) · less (yellow) · beautiful (Green) is displayed for easy viewing. Ultra suction cyclone head adoption Intensive suction by generating a cyclone air current in the head. Because...

YAMAZEN Electric Seafood Griller

Product description - Ceramic filter that minimizes odor and smoke; - Grilling method: Double-sided cooking; - Grill surface height adjustment: Reversible (about 0.6 inches); - Timer: power switch/30-minute timer switch (with audible alarm); - Safety feature: thermostat.

Panasonic Hair Dryer Ionity EH – NE28

Panasonic Hair Dryer ion EH NE28 H External negative ions, negative ions, and protects from moisture and heat, moisutya-se-bu in your mouth. ● Quick drying nozzle allow for rapid drying. ● Power Supply Type AC Type Hot Air Temperature about 110 °C when Turbo airflow volume: 1.3 M3 Min Turbo ● Power supply source code length app ● body dimensions: Height 20.8 x Width 18.9 x...

Panasonic NanoCare Hair Dryer, EH - NA99

Panasonic (appliance) Care (Pink Gold) EH Nano Hair Dryer–NA99–PN "nanoi-" & Double Mineral * 1, the friction damage, UV resistant to hair. Hair Care Focus mode, and ends up rustic contained in Good For Hair. New quick dry nozzle, you can dry approximately 15% speed up. * 2 * 1 Double being generated from the mineral and consists of 2 Zinc Electrode minerarumainasuion....

Panasonic Etiquette Trimmer ER-GN10

Easy face grooming with etiquette TrimmerEtiquette Trimmer (nose hair cutter) that can be used for nose hair, canu, beard, ears with "Dual Edge Blade"! Adopted "dual edge blade" which can cut not only the hair from the side but also the hair entering from the top. It is convenient not only for cleaning your nose and ears, but also for shaping of Beard....

Panasonic Etiquette Trimmer ER-GN 70

Stylish Etiquette Trimmer ( nose hair trimmer ) evolved more powerfully and more easily.  

Yakitori Electric Griller

Enjoy Yakitori grilled at home easily , Grilled meat, dried fish and even baked goods. Model: MIR-1500Dimensions: 27cm x 26cm x 10.5cmWeight: 1.5kgMaterials: unit -- iron; handle -- phenol resinVoltage: 100V AC, 50/60HzPower consumption: 850WCord length: 1.5m

Panasonic Pore Cleaning EH-SP55

Alkaline pore Cleansing the square plug stuck in the pores with washing water soft.        

Iris Ohyama Griddle Hot Plate

Descriptions Product size (cm): Width of about 48.5 × depth of about 35.6 × height of about 13.7 / weight (approx): 6200 g Material: Aluminum, polypropylene Cord length (approx.): 1.8 m Plate: (3) Plate plate · Grilled meat plate · Takoyaki plate Power supply: AC 100V (50/60Hz sharing) / Consumption power: 1300W Adopted a perforated plate that drops extra oil!...

YAMAZEN Electric Kettle YKG–C800 0.8L

Temperature control can be done in 1 ° C increments"Temperature selective switch" in which six stages of temperatures of 60 °C., 70 °C., 80°C., 8 °C., 90°C. and 95°C. are preset, and "temperature selectable switch" in which the temperature can be controlled in 1°C. increments up to 60 to 100°C. Setting boiling switch "which can be boiled with one touch is...

Panasonic EW - DJ71 Doltz Oral Jet Washer

Size: 28.0 × 12.5 × 14.0 cm (including nozzle) / body weight (kg): 0.97 Power: AC / consumer power: about 13W Water pressure: Approximately 647 kPa (when water pressure level "10" is used) to approximately 392 kPa (when water pressure level "1" is used) Accessories: 2 Ultrasonic water jet nozzles, 1 Nozzle stand Rated voltage: AC 100 - 240 V...

Panasonic Hair Dryer (Premium) EH–XD10

    Part number EH-XD 10 Power supply AC 100 V 50 - 60 Hz Power system AC type power consumption 1200 W (turbo hour) Body dimensions Height 22.3 × width 20.4 × depth 8.1 cm (when the set nozzle is not installed) Body weight (weight) Approximately 595 g (excluding set nozzles) Safety Precautions ● When using, please use the...