• Unicharm, Mask Extra Comfortable 5 pieces pack - YoYoMoNo
  • Unicharm, Mask Extra Comfortable 5 pieces pack - YoYoMoNo
SKU: TD-435

Unicharm Pollen Block Disposable Mask Extra Comfortable

  • Vendor: Tokyo Direct
  • Product Type: Non Medical Mask
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Strong cut-off without creating gaps with a full-fit structure that conforms to the shape of the face!
It cuts off without creating a gap with a fully fitted structure. With a structure that follows the shape of the face, it is difficult to create a gap on the cheek. Also equipped with "nose fit".
Firmly blocks infiltration of pollen.

- PM2.5
- Full fit and "no gap"!
- Ultra-three-dimensional structure that fits perfectly on the face, with a gap in the nose, cheek and ako Shusui, blocking the invasion pollen.
- "Soft stretch ear hooks" adopted!
- Soft and wide ears made of non-woven material. Even if used for a long time, ears will not hurt.
- "Easy breathing filter" and "mouth space" make it easy to breathe! With
a high-performance filter that balances both moisture and breathability and the mouth space, you can breathe or enjoy the perfect fit.
- Easy to clean, no worry about lipstick. Moisturizing effect with high moisturizing effect!

- Product Size (Width x Depth x Height): 3.9 x 3.9 x 8.7 inches (100 x 100 x 220 mm).

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