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FOREVER Ceramic Cutlery RB-16B

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FOREVER ceramic knives are made in Japan from high purity zirconium oxide powder. The powder is pressed in a blade shaped mold then sintered (fired) at high temperature to produce extremely hard, high density,

non-porous ceramic which is far superior to that of our competitors. We have been making ceramic knives since the 1990s and, because we were originally a manufacturer of powder compaction presses, we manufacture the press machinery that we use to make our knives.

FOREVER ceramic is harder than other ceramic knives and it is this hardness that enables it to stay sharp over a longer period than ANY other ceramic knife. Independent test results (see below) show that a FOREVER ceramic knife can cut 56m of test paper before becoming blunt, several times superior to our competitors.

High Density = High Cutting Edge Retention

Q. Why do Forever ceramic knives outperform other ceramic knives in cutting edge retention testing? Aren’t all ceramic knives the same?

A. Not all ceramic knives are the same. There are many differences in raw materials and manufacturing methods and that leads to finished products of greatly differing quality, as can be seen in cutting edge retention test results. Forever’s high density ceramic knives are 100% manufactured in Japan using Japanese raw materials and our own unique manufacturing method.


Independently Verified Superior Cutting Edge Retention !

On average 9.2 Times Superior Cutting Edge Retention to Competitor Ceramic Knives !

On average 280 Times Superior Cutting Edge Retention to Stainless Steel Knives !


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