• Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
  • Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP
SKU: TD-1492-FKC-3

Iris Ohyama Duvet Dryer FK-C3-WP

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  • Product Type: Bedding Cleaner
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The idea of ​​sending heat intensively to a damp place

The main cause of moistening the futon is sweating at bedtime. It is said that you sweat about 200cc overnight, which is equivalent to one glass. Then, germs and mites gather in this humidity, which worsens the futon environment. So, is the whole futon evenly moist? The answer is "NO". It is especially important to dry the parts that people touch. I thought that the temperature distribution would be optimal so that the temperature would be the highest in the center of the futon and the heat would spread to the surroundings, so I thought of a form in which the hose was extended and warm air was blown out in the center of the futon. Now you don't need a mat.


Safety design that you can use with confidence

Since the main body of Cararier is sometimes placed on the futon, the temperature is strictly controlled. A special component called the PTC heater (Positive Temperature Coefficient Heater), which has the property of increasing the resistance value as the temperature rises, is used to prevent overheating even in the unlikely event. In addition, we have taken multiple safety measures such as preventing the power from turning on when important parts such as temperature sensors are out of order, and shutting off the power supply when the heater exceeds the set value, so that customers can use it with peace of mind. Finished in a product.





Part number


Power supply

AC 100V (50 / 60Hz shared)

power consumption

560W (at high temperature wind)


Width 160 x Depth 140 x Height 360 mm (when the hose is folded)



Power cord length


Safety device

Temperature sensor, thermostat, temperature fuse


15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120, 180 minutes


Shoe drying attachment

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