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Nisshin Okonomiyaki set 2 Serving 77g

This okonomiyaki set is a set of okonomiyaki powder and mixed powder with mountain potatoes, fried balls with shrimp powder, bonito shavings, and blue so that you can easily enjoy okonomiyaki at home.You can enjoy authentic soft okonomiyaki with a product recommended by the Japan Konamon Association. Recommended by Japan Konamon Association! Finished with a full-scale fluffy texture! You can...

Skin Vapor Premium Mist Insect Repellent Spray - 2.0 oz. (60ml)

Descriptions: • The insect repellent effect lasts for 6 to 8 hours! By increasing the concentration of the active ingredient <Icaridin*> to 15%, the insect repellent effect will last longer. *Chemical name: 1-(1-methylpropoxycarbonyl)-2-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperidine *Icaridine is sometimes called picaridine. The registered name in Japan is Icarizin. • Can be used by babies to adults! There are no restrictions for children. It is...

Calbee Kataage Hard-Fried Potato Chips Sushi Taste 65g

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Clearance SaleExpiry Date: OCT 2021 It is potato chips of deliciousness which makes a hard texture become habitat produced by the direct hook kaito frying recipe which thickly cut potatoes carefully at low temperature carefully. We renewed the seasoning so that you can feel the taste of simple tusks that complement the taste of potatoes, the more you feel chewy the...