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Ogawa Coffee Shop Organic Coffee Bird Friendly Blend Beans 170 g

Ogawa Coffee was founded in 1952. I was trained and trained in the harsh taste tradition of Kyoto, and I gained support from people who love coffee. Please enjoy the polished taste and fragrance born from a craftsman temperament not to compromise. Since its foundation in 1952, OGAWA COFFEE has grown up in the strict culinary culture of Kyoto with the spirit of...

Ogawa Kyoto coffee Dry Assorted 4 cups/ bags 79g

It contains cooked two cups of Kyo coffee drip coffee "Komi" and "Mamori" respectively. Kyo Coffee Kotomi: rich aroma and sweetness, rich taste. It is a coffee where bitterness and acidity are in harmony. Magi Kyo Coffee: Refreshing scent and sweetness, mellow taste. It is light coffee. The Kyo brand coffee will be judged on its own criteria by defining "flavor", "elegant smell", "only moderate response"...