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Tiger Stainless Lunch Cup

Lunch variations spreading with the heat retention lunch jar and lunch cupOf course not only side dishes and rice, you can carry rice bowl menu with ingredients and rice separately, spread lunch menu.● Clear cup (0.25 L) is OK for microwave oven    * Please remove the lid and warm it.● Stainless steel lunch jar (0.3L) is a mahubab structure....

Tiger Stainless Steel Water Bottle Cleaning Powder

Tea bran dirt falls, there is also a sterilizing effect ● TIGER stainless steel bottle cleaning agent. In addition to the stainless steel bottle, it can also be used for washing the coffee maker server inner container / mahubot inner container.● Put warm water (about 40℃ or less) into a bottle inside a stainless steel bottle● During washing, leave the...

Yamamoto Lactic acid bacteria young barley grass powder 4g x 30 bags

Triple balance of barley young leaves + lactic acid bacteria + oligosaccharide! Insoluble dietary fiber and oligosaccharide of barley young leaves serve as food for lactic acid bacteria and increase the number of good bacteria. Increase the intestinal beneficial bacteria, help improve the intestinal environment, help maintain health! 4g x 30 bags