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Ogawa Kyoto coffee Dry Assorted 4 cups/ bags 79g

It contains cooked two cups of Kyo coffee drip coffee "Komi" and "Mamori" respectively. Kyo Coffee Kotomi: rich aroma and sweetness, rich taste. It is a coffee where bitterness and acidity are in harmony. Magi Kyo Coffee: Refreshing scent and sweetness, mellow taste. It is light coffee. The Kyo brand coffee will be judged on its own criteria by defining "flavor", "elegant smell", "only moderate response"...

HIBA MAGIC Moisture and deodorizing Absorber

About Amori HIBA Wood The natural hibachi oil from the wood waste of over 250 years-old Aomori Hiba wood through water vapour distillatio. There are more than 40 different kinds of ingredients in the essential oil extracted from the Aomori Hiba.  Two Ingredients, Hinokitiol and b-Dolabrin, have the strongest antibacterial effect. Trees with Hinokitiol and b-Dolabrin are rare in the world. In...