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HARIO XVDD-3012W V60 Ceramic Dripper 02 Set

This set includes everything you need to make a delicious pour-over coffee at home or at work, making it a great gift for others or for yourself. ARTICLE NO.: VCSD-02R COLOUR: White SIZE: W180 × D125 × H220mm CAPACITY: 1-4 cups WEIGHT (Incl. box): Approx. 500g MATERIALS: Glass Bowl: Heatproof Glass Lid, Handle: PolypropyleneBushing: Silicone RubberDripper: Polypropylene Made in Japan   V60セラミックドリッパー02セット 有田焼製のセラミックドリッパーのセットです。 セット内容:セラミックドリッパー・ガラスサーバー・V60ペーパーフィルター02M 100枚入・計量スプーン 品番 XVDD-3012W...

HIBA MAGIC Moisture and deodorizing Absorber

About Amori HIBA Wood The natural hibachi oil from the wood waste of over 250 years-old Aomori Hiba wood through water vapour distillatio. There are more than 40 different kinds of ingredients in the essential oil extracted from the Aomori Hiba.  Two Ingredients, Hinokitiol and b-Dolabrin, have the strongest antibacterial effect. Trees with Hinokitiol and b-Dolabrin are rare in the world. In...