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DHC Double Moisture Series mini travel set

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This is a skin care trial set of double moisture series which containing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Contents: Deep Cleansing Oil 20ml x 1 Mild Soap 10g x 1 Double Moisture Lotion 30ml x 1 Double Moisture Cream 10g x 1 Deep Cleansing Oil: help to remove the dirt from the back of...

DHC Lip Gel

A gel-like essence that can be used whenever you are concerned about the condition of your lips. Olive virgin oil with excellent moisturizing and protective action, including squalane and palm oil ingredients from plants.Plus a collagen, a placenta with a moisturizing effect, a vitamin C derivative for adjusting the condition of the lips, and a vitamin E ingredient.Gently treat it...