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Marukome Shio Koji (Salt Rice) - 生塩糀 200g

Shio Koji (生塩糀) Raw salt Rice appeared in "Plus" series. It is a salt type of "raw" type which the enzyme does not heat treatment and the enzyme has reached. It is a versatile seasoning with natural umami that brings out the taste of the material. It is a salt rice made by the function of the enzyme produced by Koji fungus. The power of the...

Marukome miso bean soup 430g

The “Dashi Miso Project” was started in 1981. This liquid miso is based on light-colored miso and has added shellfish stock. Contains ornithine, which is said to play an important role in maintaining good health. The shape of the bottle has been changed to make it easier to hold and to take out the contents.   Ingredients: rice miso, salt, and extract, ornithine,...